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About RO+A

Who we are



We realize environments to serve the needs of individuals and the community through the art of building: to create welcome and repose, to unite use with beauty, to convey dignity and security, to give comfort and pleasure, and to create new places founded in common language, awareness of the past, and confidence in the future.

We are committed to learning and to understanding the people for whom we build, and to achieving through practice an understanding and knowledge to provide an integrated and fully responsive design to serve them.

We focus on the implicit design languages of narrative, sequence, proportion and relationships which people read, to which they respond, and from which they learn so that we create spaces which honor them.

We believe therefore that everything that is made, seen and felt is important.


To provide spaces which are fully integrated, enduring and deeply responsive to individuals and our community. we attained through our practice, of over thirty-five years, the knowledge and skill to be architect, landscape architect, site and campus planner, lighting designer, interior designer, building conservator, preservation architect, and furniture designer for our projects.

Our team is comprised of architects and designers, each of whom shares this commitment to the art of building as the means to create enduring and beautiful buildings, landscapes and campuses. and, because of the breadth of our interests and our practice, our team of architects, landscape architect and designers is diverse. While a number of us chose architecture as our profession as students, others of us came to architecture from writing, house-building, art and graphic design. This breadth of knowledge, experience and commitment to learning of our people  is the core of our capacity to serve you.