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Integrated Services

Complete Solutions for Complex Challenges


We are recognized for our innovation in creating new architecture within the legacy of historic buildings, campuses and landscapes, and for our understanding of history, architecture, and engineering to preserve and advance the significant traditions of our clients. We have been entrusted by our clients with their campuses in long term relationships as planner, architect and landscape architect, based upon our capacity to collaborate and to integrate new programs in significant campuses by realizing in construction advancement which conserves tradition.


Everything one sees and touches, one feels and everything has the capacity to communicate welcome, community and in its intentionality, dignity. We embrace craftsmanship as an expression of value and intention, and building upon experience with woodworking, we design our interiors so they are beautifully fitted out to our clients’ needs and integrate the architectural design with color, furniture and finishes. When we have not been able to accommodate our client’s needs with standard offerings, we custom design furniture which does.


For many of our clients inscriptions honoring their community, designs to express institutional identity, exhibitions declaring history, and wayfinding systems to guide the public and their constituents integrated in the building design express care for community and recognition of tradition. When appropriate for the building and landscape design and our client’s goals, we work with our clients to develop content and visual design to integrate within their buildings.


We bring to every project an understanding of the power of ornament and figure to provide delight, grace and indispensable beauty of scale and commensurability which we have obtained from our work with historic and traditional architecture. We have had the privilege to create with our clients programs of ornamental painting, inscriptions, and memorials integrated within our architectural production.


We focus in our work on the capacity of buildings and landscapes to embody and to express, in their design, material and technology, individual and community values, aspirations, and influences. Just as we focus upon this in the design of our work, the conservation and preservation of existing buildings as a record of our culture and the foundation for advancement is a core capability in our practice. In our service to institutions we have worked to conserve and preserve buildings from the eighteenth century through the modern era.